Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Snowball Dodged

Light snowfall in Christian County, KY

Christian County, KY, 1/12/11

The first snowstorm went south of us, and the second snowstorm went north. After several days of weather advisories in Christian County, KY, we don't even have enough snow to cover the grass.

Nonetheless, our schools were closed on Monday and Tuesday. In the early hours of those days, snow was falling and the rural roads were slick. Road conditions were judged unsafe for school buses.

Christian County and our neighbor to the west, Trigg County, along with Montgomery County, TN, just across the state line, were back in school today.

My supervisor at work said her children were disgusted when they looked at the school closings map on television this morning. Nearly every school district in western Tennessee and Kentucky cancelled classes again -- except Christian, Trigg, and Montgomery.

I don't think the Mennonite children in our neighborhood have missed a day yet at their little school. They didn't even take a vacation between Christmas and New Year's Day.


Anonymous said...

We did not have school Tuesday through today in Scott County (Georgetown). They may return tomorrow. We have small rural roads and they can be very dangerous during winter time with the snow and ice.

Genevieve said...

Better safe than sorry. Our school year begins before August 15th. Surely we can miss a few days.

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Beautiful photo. I have a child anxiously awaiting a school closure as we speak (no such luck so far).

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