Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sale of a Large Sandhill Ranch

Circle Cross Ranch at Valentine, Nebraska

The 40,000 acre Circle Cross Ranch near Valentine, Nebraska, sold at auction on Dec. 2, 2011, for $11.75 million. A seven-brother partnership, represented by Danny Weinreis of Minatare, Nebraska, and Gene Weinreis of Golva, North Dakota, placed the winning bid.

You can read more of the details in "Ranch sells for $11.75 million" on the Norfolk Daily News website. There's also a video tour on You-Tube. What a beautiful place! It includes 7 miles of Niobrara River frontage. I'm pleased to read that the Weinreis Brothers will continue operating it as a cattle ranch.


Anonymous said...

The best ag economist I ever knew was an old Sandhills rancher. His first rule of ranch economics was that the land was worth no more than the beef it would produce. Any one paying above that price was buying something other than a ranch.

I share your relief that the Circle Cross will continue as a working ranch in the hands of real cattlemen. So many the recent Sandhill sales have gone to a certain pseudo-ranching-buffalo-herding-do-gooder whom has been a singular plague on the ideal of the family owned ranch.

A Friend in Nevada

John Ruberry said...

Ted Turner done buying land there?

Genevieve said...

I truly hope that Ted Turner doesn't get any more ranch land. His ranches are removed from the market forever (the land all ultimately goes to the Ted Turner Foundation), so that land will never again be in the hands of the common people. Also his purchases are driving up land prices so it's more difficult for ordinary people to purchase the land that's left.

Here's a 2007 news story about the Ted Turner land purchases in Nebraska

heelers said...

Hey Gen.
I feel a film script coming on.
You know... A sort of seven brides for seven brothers in modern day Nebraska...

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