Saturday, July 14, 2007

Junk In A Junker

The urge to hoard

I had to run some errands in Clarksville this morning, and I persuaded Isaac to come along for the ride. Coming home, we spotted a yard sale sign and decided to stop.

To get to the sale, we had to walk up the driveway along the house and pass through a gate to the backyard. Along the way, we walked by a weathered automobile that obviously hadn't moved from its parking place for a while. All its tires were flat.

The driver's seat was stacked high with newspapers. An old canister-style vacuum cleaner was sitting in the passenger seat. Several cardboard boxes were piled into the back seat, and they seemed to be filled with miscellaneous junk. I saw some plastic freezer containers and old Tupperware in one box.

It seemed that a yard sale was probably a step in the right direction for this household.

In an odd way, it's good to see something like that. It's a lesson about how hoarding junk can get out of hand. It's also an excuse to smugly say, "Well, at least I..." (the sentence can be finished in any number of ways.)

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Genevieve Netz
well written

thanks for sharing

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