Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Rainy Week in Christian County, KY

Above average rainfall last week eases drought conditions

Approaching rain cloudJust before the rain

We've had a week of above-average rainfall, and it's looking a bit greener here. The rain cloud in the above photo bypassed our part of the county, but we had various other showers. We didn't have any big rains, but it was enough that we are back in moderate drought rather than severe drought. The ground is still hard as a rock, but the fields and pastures look greener.

Our Mennonite neighbor's cornfield west of our house and his nearby beanfield looks the best of any crops around. Willis, who studies the weather avidly, says that we've had several showers right here that other parts of the county didn't get. That very fact shows what an odd year this is. Usually, our little area stays dry while it rains all around us.

An hour ago, I watched a beautiful pink sunset over the cornfield. The aroma of corn silk and tassels was thick in the air. It's one of those hot, humid Kentucky evenings when you should drive down a country road with your windows open, and smell the vegetation, and listen to the tree frogs singing.

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ptg said...

It has just started to rain here. The first time we have had anything but sidewalk wetters in a month. Very refreshing.

Genevieve said...

It's a blessing to get rain when you need it, and to get as much as you need.

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