Friday, July 20, 2007

Selective Blindness in My Family

Amazing Avoidance of Ice Cube Making

When we had ice cube trays, I was the only one who could see that the empty ones should be refilled and put back into the freezer.

The other members of the family had a peculiar blindness to empty ice cube trays. Unless I pointed out an empty tray to them, they were unable to see it.

Nowadays we have an ice maker in the freezer. It's very easy to operate. It has a little lever. If you push the lever down, it makes ice, and if you push the lever up, it stops making ice.

Here is a curious fact. I am the only who can see that the lever should be moved in either direction. No one can see that he has just removed the last ice cubes from the bin and the ice maker should be started. Nor can they see that ice is spilling out of the bin and the ice maker should be stopped.

Amazing, but true. I can hardly believe it myself.

I know, I know. I could just let them suffer the consequences, but then I wouldn't have ice for my drinks.

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Collagemama said...

Now that the guys are so rarely home, the ice cube maker fills the container to capacity. Then the cubes sit unused until they are oddly stale. I only need about six cubes per day. Mostly, I dump the stale cubes in the sink, then run some of them down the garbage disposal to freshen it.

Collagemama said...

I'm pretty sure refilling ice cube trays is the same chromosome as replacing toilet paper rolls.

Lesa said...

It has to be the same chromosome as the "take out the trash" and "cap on the toothpaste" blindness!

Genevieve said...

You girls are making me laugh! I must admit, though, that my husband is good about taking out the trash. Very good about it. If I ever want to retrieve anything, I have to go dumpster-diving!

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