Wednesday, September 05, 2007

13 Things To Do Before an Eagle Scout Award Ceremony

A Thursday Thirteen

Do as many of these things as possible several weeks in advance!

1. Find a date and time that will work out for the greatest number of people possible.

2. Arrange to use the place where you'll have the ceremony.

3. Get a guest speaker.

4. Use scripts and programs of past Eagle Scout award ceremonies to help you develop a script and a program.

5. Make copies of the script for all the adults who will be in the ceremony.

6. Make a guest list and send out invitations.

7. Go to the Scout store and buy blank programs, napkins, cups, etc. with the Eagle emblem if you want them. Also, buy the Eagle Scout neckerchief and slide.

8. Get the programs printed.

9. Find a recipe if you're having punch at the reception. Order the cake if you're having one made.

10. Decide what else you're going to serve, make a list of everything, and go shopping.

11. Ask someone to take pictures. Ask other people to help with serving at the reception.

12. Make sure all the Scouts and adults in the ceremony know how to find the place where the ceremony will be held.

13. Make sure the Eagle Scout candidate's uniform is clean and ready to wear.


A few more suggestions, written with hindsight:

  • Set up a guestbook.
  • Write out a complete menu so you don't forget anything you planned to serve (like the carrot sticks.)
  • Bring some ziplock bags for packing any leftovers.
  • Make time for some formal pictures either before or after the ceremony.


Limey said...

All of the above sound like a good task for an Eagle Scout: )

Genevieve said...

In this case, his parents would be too nervous to turn the event over to him! However, he has been helping with various details of it all.

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