Saturday, September 29, 2007

Triple Decker Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies Bars, fancied-up a bit

Here's an idea for Rice Krispies bars. I often make these for church potlucks because
1.) it makes a big batch,
2.) people like them, and
3.) it's relatively easy.

Coat an extra large baking dish with no-stick cooking spray. (I use a 4.8 quart, 10x14" Pyrex pan.) Make a batch of regular Rice Krispies Treats, and press it evenly into the bottom of the pan.

Make a second batch, substituting either Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Krispies for the regular Rice Krispies cereal in the recipe. Spread and press it evenly over the bottom layer.

Then make a third batch of regular Rice Krispies Treats, and spread and press it over the colored layer.

Last step: Melt a couple blocks of white candy coating (sometimes called "almond bark") and drizzle it over the top of the Treats with a fork. Then add a final bit of pizazz with some color-coordinated cake sprinkles.

Who knows? A similar recipe may be on the Rice Krispies site. I've never looked! However, I did come up with this idea myself, even if someone else did also.

That's what I'm doing this morning, plus baking bread, fixing a large bowl of cole slaw and making a fruit jello. Those are my contributions to the church potluck tomorrow. I'm just taking side dishes because the church is supplying chicken and ham, and since we live about 25-30 minutes from church, I like to take foods that aren't likely to slop out of their pans.

I also need to vacuum this morning because Keely and Taurus are coming to eat a late lunch/early supper. We're having roast beef. It's a busy day, and I'd better get with it.


Mark said...

Oh yum! How juvenile of me to want that really bad.

Genevieve said...

The Rice Krispies recipe site says, "Childhood is calling." :)

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