Saturday, October 13, 2007

Autumn Flowers

Eupatorium coelestinum, wild ageratum, blue mistflower

Blue mistflower

If you live in western Kentucky, you'll see these purple/blue wildflowers blooming in the road ditches right now.

They are Eupatorium coelestinum, or blue mistflower, also called wild ageratum. They are one of my favorite wildflowers. As you might guess when you look at the flower, they're a member of the aster family.

They like moist areas. I sometimes see them growing side-by-side with goldenrod which is a very nice color combination. This solitary specimen is growing in a damp area in the ditch just up the hill from our mailbox.

Only slightly related:
I couldn't resist buying the flowered handkerchiefs below. They are just a sample of the patterns in the stack of ladies' hankies at the Mennonite store at Fairview (KY.)

Ladies handkerchiefs

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Trixie said...

I love the hankies. I collect them too, sort of as souveniers and sort of just because I love them. I have had hopes of making a quilt from my collection one day.

Your blog is really looking great! Love the photos and you've done a great job organizing topics too. I think I may do some experimenting on my blog.

Genevieve said...

Hi, Trixie. Thanks for stopping by. The handkerchiefs were only 79¢ each, so it was a cheap treat. I've seen pictures in magazines of various things made from flowery handkerchiefs. It's tempting to keep buying them until I have enough to play with.

Regarding the blog's appearance -- I just changed the header a day or two ago. The change of scenery is refreshing.

I usually don't post photos this large in size here. However, I accidentally uploaded them this way, and I didn't have time to upload them again -- so there they are. I do like the way the larger photos look, but I know that some of my readers have very slow dial-up connections.

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