Thursday, October 11, 2007

Marigolds for Keely

My daughter's favorite flowers


My daughter Keely has always loved marigolds. When she was little, I had a big garden every year with lots of marigolds mixed in with the vegetables. I'm sure that's where she developed an affection for them.

Keely used to say that she was going to have marigolds at her wedding. I don't know if she still thinks that or not.

I like the brash scent of marigolds. It's part of their personality -- they're bright and spicy. I wouldn't want to wear their fragrance myself, but for marigolds, it's just right.

I've always liked the yellow marigolds a little better than the orange ones. In fact, the marigolds in the photo are my favorite sort of marigolds. Like Keely, I developed an affection for them when I was a little girl because my mother grew them.

Another reason I like them is that they're easy to start from seed. The seeds are big enough that they're not hard to handle, and they germinate fairly quickly. They're not too fussy about how deep they're planted. In the garden or a flowerbed, they'll often reseed themselves.

These marigolds have struggled through months of drought this summer, and now that it's nearly time for frost, they're finally looking pretty. I'll hate to see them go.

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