Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunset Chat with a Mennonite Career Girl

Conversation along a country road

Autumn sunset

I had a nice walk tonight with Isaac and both cats. Whenever the cats come along, the walk is just a stroll, but that was all right. I wasn't feeling too energetic anyhow. I took this photo at the bottom of the hill, at the junction of our lane and the highway.

Isaac and the cats dropped out when we came back by the house. I walked on down the new road that our Mennonite neighbor has built to his newly-wed son's house. Along the way, I met a young Mennonite lady. She was barefoot, so she was walking at the edge of the freshly-plowed field rather than on the gravel.

We chatted a while. She is here from Pennsylvania, visiting for a few weeks. Two of her brothers and their families live just east of us, and another brother lives a few miles away.

She said that she works in a greenhouse in the spring and summer, where they sell bedding plants. The busy season at the greenhouse is over for this year, so she is on vacation until February.

It was interesting to talk to her. I finally had to excuse myself and go home because it was getting dark.

The greenhouse is her career for now; if she marries, she will probably retire. Young married Mennonite women don't usually have outside jobs; they are busy with the work of being a wife and a mother. Her trips to Kentucky will be one of her memories of her young, single days.

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