Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another Mackeral Sky

Unusual cloud formation over Hopkinsville, KY

Mackeral skiesLooking to the east across
the former Skyline Golf Course.

A few days ago in the late afternoon, this unusual cloud formation stretched across the sky from horizon to horizon over Hopkinsville, KY.

I don't know if it was a natural phenomenon or if it was created by an airborne vessel. It seemed much too wide to be a normal jet track, but perhaps it was. Or perhaps the little green men brought the mother ship this time.

Whatever the cause, it was a spectacular streak of mackeral sky.

Mackeral skiesLooking to the west
(K-Mart on left, Holiday Inn on right.)


Unknown said...

Hey G,
My inner child is happy as well! The thought of you getting out there to shoot these two wonderments is... Aah-some. I prefer the after sunset pix 1st also! The sharp tree branch outlines (try all black as the sky color details should come up) define our Winter season as do those floating clouds in temper mental elevation? :) GO Steelers! Ken

Genevieve said...

I couldn't get a good photo of it when I came out of work and first saw it. Some minutes later, I passed near the old golf course and noticed that I could get a pretty good shot there of the horizon.

Driving up the lane to take the picture gave me a good excuse to admire the beautiful old house at the Skyline Golf Club as well. I think it's now a sports bar.

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