Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Inflatables

Decking the halls outside

Christmas yard artDecorated for the season in Elkton, KY.

This house and yard is decorated with exuberance, to say the least. I can imagine how fascinating the big inflatable Christmas figures are to young passersby.

Thrilling the children is one of the main reasons for Christmas decorations, both inside and outside. Sometimes the thrilled children are the adults who put up the decorations!

Compared to this house and many others, our exterior decorations are bland. We don't do much since there isn't much traffic on our road.

I hang a big lighted star in the second floor window of our shed. It's on a dusk to daylight timer. I always enjoy seeing it when I drive in at night. I hope our Mennonite neighbors who share the road enjoy it also.

I also hang a few lights in our living room windows. The Mennonite lady who lives on the other side of us told me once that she enjoyed seeing the lights, so I put them up each year for her. She would never put up Christmas lights for herself, but her inner child is still happy to see them.


Lesa said...

Some of the inflatables in the picture look they have had too much "Christmas cheer" and fell over!

Genevieve said...

Hi, Lesa. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I imagine that keeping all those inflatables upright has been a perpetual problem. We've had some strong winds over the Christmas season.

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