Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wind Storm in Hopkinsville, KY

A very windy day and not done yet.

Note: If you're seeking information about the February 5, 2008, tornado, please see "Tornado Damage at Crofton, KY, Tonight."

Bradford Square Mall, Hopkinsville, KYBradford Square Mall after one of today's storms

After a day of strong wind-and-rain squalls, a fast-moving front with screaming winds blew through this evening.

Isaac called from his job in Hopkinsville to say that the power had gone out in the store for several minutes. As I talked to him, the wind arrived at our house. It roared tremendously for a long time; in fact, it sounded like a tornado to me at times.

That tempest has passed and the tornado watch has expired, but the gales have been continuing. We won't know until morning if damage has been done to our trees.

Here's a storm damage report from Weather Underground

01/29/2008 0622 PM
Hopkinsville, Christian County.

Thunderstorm wind damage, reported by Emergency Mngr.

Severe damage to local mall. Glass blown into building. Several injuries reported, the total is unknown at this time. Wind gusts estimated 60 to 70 mph. Tractor-trailer blown over along Interstate 24. Multiple power transformers blown.

01/29/2008 0620 PM
Pembroke, Christian County.

Thunderstorm wind damage, reported by Emergency Mngr.

Late report. Time estimated. 3 tractor-trailers blown over. One is a fuel tanker and is leaking fuel. Hazmat responding. Widespread tree damage reported from Crofton through Hopkinsville. Power lines down along Highway 41. Commercial building sign blown over.

As it happens, I photographed the mall this afternoon. A brilliant shaft of sunlight was illuminating the end of the mall and the puddles on the parking lot. The dazzling light lasted barely long enough for me to pull over and take the picture. I wonder if some of the west-facing windows in the photo are broken now.

I'm curious about the storm damage, but I'm concerned about Isaac getting home safely. I hope no trees or electric wires have blown over the roads he needs to travel, and I hope he can keep his little car on the road through the tremendous gusts of wind we are still getting.

UPDATE: Read more about tonight's wind storm in Hopkinsville on the Hoptown Hall Forum.

UPDATE: Isaac got home just fine. The windows in the mall that broke were just to the right of the photo, in the entrance between J.C. Penney and the former Dawahares store. I didn't take a tour of the storm damage around town when I went to work today, but I did see odd bits of storm wreckage lying around -- pieces of roofing, big chunks of broken signs, etc. An old barn along our route to town was blown down. The Kentucky New Era carried an article about the extensive damage throughout the area.

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