Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Philander Hinckley and the Harleys

A nice drive through the Tennessee hills

On Sunday, Dennis and I drove down to Cedar Grove, Tennessee -- a little unincorporated settlement in Carroll County, Tennessee. All the dogwood and redbud trees are blooming right now. It was a perfect spring day for a drive through the hills.

One of Dennis's great-grandfathers is buried somewhere around Cedar Grove. Sometime this summer, Dennis is planning to camp in the Natchez Trace State Park which is in the same general vicinity. He's going to spend a few days trying to locate the cemetery. He'll go to Huntingdon, the Carroll County seat, and inquire at the library first. Maybe they have a book of names for the cemeteries in the county.

This great grandfather, Philander Hinckley, was a Civil War veteran. He served with a regiment from Wisconsin. During his three year enlistment, he was shot in the leg and he was injured in a fall. Due to chronic diarrhea, he also developed piles. After he passed away, his widow received a pension of 50¢ per month, based on his service.

We know these things and more from the research that a cousin of Dennis's mother did. Dennis and I were particularly surprised to learn that Philander and his second wife Lizzie were married in Hickory County, Missouri. We were married in the same county, nearly 100 years later.

Motorcycles 1As we drove to Cedar Grove and back, we saw hundreds of motorcycles. At a gas station at the south end of Land Between the Lakes, several groups of bikers were taking a break. My son Isaac would have ridiculed the luxe Harley Davidsons the older guys were riding (photo below). He prefers a simpler bike, like the ones the young guys were riding (photo at right).

Motorcycles 2


Mark said...

I used to ride a motorcycle, but I don't care for either type - not really practical to ride for very far. A friend rode his motorcycle to Alaska from New Mexico. In Alaska he was impressed to see a large contingent of South Carolinians on Harleys. At least he was impressed until he later saw the huge trailer that had taken the bikes all the way up there so that the owners could ride around for short spells.

Genevieve said...

My son will see that little story as further evidence that he should scorn Harley Davidsons. :D

Anonymous said...

This is what I found in records on Philander. 1897 June 7 - Philander Hinkley a farmer, died at Cedar Grove, Carroll County, Tennessee when a beam in a mine shaft gave way burying him and several others inside.

Genevieve said...

That's very interesting. My husband will be fascinated! I have been doing a little research on his family tree, but I haven't gotten around to the Hinckleys yet.

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