Thursday, May 29, 2008

Someone's Shopping List

Just a bit of harmless rubbernecking

The purpose of a shopping list, in my case, is to remind me of what I need because my mind may go blank when I enter the store. Overwhelmed by all the merchandise, I'm likely to forget what I came to buy.

Generally I need just a word or two for each item, and often the words are abbreviated. For example I might write "deod." (which stands for "deodorant") or "pdr. sugar" (which means "powdered sugar.")

I found a list in my shopping basket this week that used a much different style. The author wrote the list in progressively longer phrases. The only thing abbreviated was "SF" which probably meant "Sugar Free. Here it is:

picture frames!
2- 8x10
1- 10x10 or 17 (Dad's Navy pic)
SF - Fudgsicles
SF - angel food cake
SF - Strawberry glaze

pick up green rug for around commode!
Other rug 31" X 52"

get pants for Mom for Martha (green or pink)
Maybe large top for me (petite large)

Sally's Beauty Supply
Get 2 New Image Instant Freeze
Probably get 1 New Image Super Hold, depending.

This list was lost at WalMart -- the top stop on the page. I hope the writer remembered all she needed at the rest of her stops.


Michael Leddy said...

I like "for Mom for Martha" (for Mom to give to Martha?).

Lesa said...

Who is Martha?...

I also thought is was funny that she put her own size on the list "petite large"!

It was like she was carrying on a conversation with her self!

I'm like you Genevieve - I make it as brief as possible!

Genevieve said...

It is an interesting list. She started with her mind made up about the items she needed, but ended up with "Maybe" and "Probably ... depending"

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