Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bad Morning Blues

Memorable coffee spills

Yesterday morning, the alarm rang, and I struggled out of my bed, slapped the clock until it shut up, and staggered to the kitchen with my eyes half-shut.

Dennis had left the coffee plugged in for me, so I got a cup, set it on the counter, and poured some coffee in it. That is, I intended for the coffee to go in the cup. Unfortunately, the cup was upside down, so I actually poured some coffee over the cup.

I cleaned up the spill with a few paper towels, turned the cup over, and tried again with my eyes open.

Some years ago, I had a memorable bad morning of this sort. I came out to the kitchen and discovered that I'd forgotten to fix my coffee the night before. I cleaned out the old coffee grounds, washed the pot, filled the coffee basket with new coffee, and turned on the coffee maker. Then I went to take a shower.

When I came back to the kitchen, I found I'd forgotten one important step in the coffee-making process -- setting the coffee pot in its proper place on the coffee maker. The coffee had come out of the maker and flowed wherever gravity took it. I had a huge mess to clean up -- and I still didn't have a cup of coffee. Now that was a bad morning.

I do hate having a mess to clean up, first thing in the morning.


John Ruberry said...

I've done that.

Genevieve said...

It's not a good omen for the day. :)

ptg said...

I had to quit using the type of coffee machines that you can forget to put the pot under. Too many big messes. For years I just boiled water in a pot and threw in the coffee.

A coffee drinking friend that couldn't stand what he called my "cowboy coffee" found a tiny one-cup coffee machine for me. I still forget now and then, but have less mess, and less aggravation when I do.

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