Monday, July 06, 2009

Antiques in Cadiz, KY

Fun on the 4th

We had company over the 4th of July weekend -- Roger and Joy Hennen. We first met them in Berlin, Germany, about 20 years ago. They now live in Oklahoma, but they occasionally pass through Kentucky on their way home from visiting Roger's family in West Virginia.

On the 4th, we visited the antique shops on Main Street in Cadiz, KY. Roger was looking for old license plates, and he found quite a few that he liked.

Cadiz has at least five antique stores on Main Street and some of them have several floors. We breezed through them in less than three hours, but it wouldn't have been difficult to spend more time.

I saw a sign in one of the stores that said something like "If you want it, buy it! It may not be here tomorrow." Maybe I should have done that. I saw a copy of the Family History Book, Christian County, Kentucky, the second volume of the most recent Christian County history books.  It had a price tag of $60. I would like to have it but I was reluctant to pay that price. 

I did buy a couple of interesting old books and a sturdy ice cream scoop. Together, they added up to about $10. I've been surviving without the family histories book for quite a while, and I'll continue living without it, I guess.

Roger and Joy left early this morning, so the holiday is over and life is mostly back to normal. Back to work, tomorrow.


webay said...

the pig is so cute

Genevieve said...

Webay, the pigs are a motif. In Cadiz, dozens of pigs, each painted differently, stand along the streets in front of the shops and even the homes.

In the fall, a three-day Country Ham Festival is held. One event of the Hamfest is a judging of "country hams" that people have salted and smoked themselves. I went to the Cadiz Hamfest with my kids a couple of years ago, and I'm hoping to go again this year. (Additional Cadiz pig photos can be viewed at the link in the previous sentence.)

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