Wednesday, July 01, 2009

No Man Is an Island

A blogging experience

I stopped at the Pennysaver Market in Fairview yesterday on my way home from the dentist. I had a yen for some of their hickory smoked cheddar cheese.

I was the only customer at the time. The proprietor, a Mennonite lady about my age, cut the cheese for me, and then waited at the cash register as I gathered a few more items from the bulk goods section -- a bag of milled flax seed, a bag of oatmeal, a little tub of cinnamon.

At the register as I prepared to write a check for my purchases, I discovered I had left my wallet in the car. "Do you know me?" I asked. "Should I go get my ID?"

"Let me see your check," she said. I showed it to her, and told her where I live and whom my nearest Mennonite neighbors are. "Oh, it's OK," she declared. "I remember who you are now."

As I picked up my bags and prepared to leave, she asked, "Have you written anything on the internet about us lately?"

I'm sure I looked very surprised. "Umm, no. No, I haven't" I answered, trying to remember exactly what I had written about the Pennysaver Market in the past.

She seemed amused at my bewilderment. "Oh, our family in Pennsylvania printed it out and brought it when they came to visit."

"And that picture you took of the horse and buggy outside? We knew whose horse and buggy that was, so when they were in the store, I showed them the picture. And when your neighbor Willis was in here, he told us all about you."

"Well, well," I said weakly. "No, I don't think I've written anything about the Pennysaver for quite a while."

The reach of the internet should never be underestimated.

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Bill Harper said...

When I Googled 'Pennysaver Market Fairview KY ' your blog came up as the top 2 in the search results. I found you easily the same way as well when I googled ' Riverside Cemetery AND Hopkinsville KY ' awhile back. I just did it again and the blog you wrote about it was the third one at the top out of 4,260 results. So keep blogging, Genevieve, readers will find you :)

Genevieve said...

It's amazing sometimes who finds me, Bill. :)

nichole3 said...

We just recently discovered THE PENNY SAVER. We had so much fun going through the entire store. There is another store like it in Croften which we went to this week. Again, we had a great deal of fun.

We are trying to find as many interesting sites as we can in Christian, Todd and Trigg county. Maybe you could help us or refer us to past blogs you have written.

Limey said...

The pen is mightier than the sword - but it's no match for the internet!

Genevieve said...

Nichole, I will keep in mind your interests, and let you know if I find something that you might enjoy.

Genevieve said...

Limey, that's true on many levels -- just look at Iran!

John Ruberry said...

I was at a bloggers' conference, and I was amazed about what some people remembered about my blog.

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