Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Fish Skulls Seen at Stadtprozelten

Horrific trophies of a Main River fisherman

I know that some of this blog's readers  like to fish, and I thought this photo might interest them. I took this picture in 1987 at Stadtprozelten along the Main River in Bavaria, (West) Germany. I've written briefly before about visiting Stadtprozelten on the Main with little Keely.

This photo was taken on the narrow lane that navigates the steep bluff above Stadtprozelten's rooftops.  The fish skulls were nailed to the side of someone's shed. I hope you can see the sharp teeth. I suppose that the teeth didn't protrude quite as far when there was still flesh on the bones. Still, that's not a mouth I'd want to reach into for a fish hook!

The Main River has some big Wels catfish, but the shape of these skulls looks more like some kind of a pike to me. Believe me, I am not offering an expert opinion.

Wikipedia article about Stadtprozelten
Picture gallery on Stadtprozelten's homepage

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