Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trip to the Cincinnati Airport

Photos from the Florence (KY) area

Springhill Suites lobby
Panera Bread
Knitpiks classroom
Florence Mall fountain
Two-story carousel
When Isaac went to Germany a few weeks ago, his group departed from the Cincinnati airport. We drove up there a day early and spent the night in a hotel near the airport (actually in Florence, KY). I wanted to be sure I wasn't in a traffic jam somewhere at the time Isaac needed to be at the airport.

The hotel (Springhill Suites by Marriott)had an interesting marine/modern decor. We enjoyed our night there, and I'm happy to recommend it, if you should ever travel in that area.

Keely had researched some places in the general area that she wanted to visit. First we had lunch at Panera Bread, a restaurant that we don't have in Hopkinsville.  Then we went to (surprise!) a yarn store called Knitwits. The store is located in a small house, and like every yarn store I've ever been in, it was photogenic.

From there, we went to the Florence Mall and wandered around for a couple of hours. The huge fountain is one of the mall's centerpiece works of art, but the 2-story carousel was cool, too.

The mall didn't have a bookstore, but a big Barnes and Noble was located nearby. We spent a while there, and then went to a Half Price Bookstore that we had spotted earlier. In hindsight, we all agreed that we should have gone to the Half-Price first! That was a great store! (Isaac tells me that when I pick him up, we are going there again. I am supposed to bring a box of books that he sorted out for the next garage sale. He's going to see if he can sell any of them at the Half Price store.)

By then, it was getting late. We were near the hotel, so we went back briefly and I took my antibiotic. Then we ate supper at IHOP, went back to the hotel, and called it a night.

The next morning, I was surprised that I had slept so well. We got dressed, ate breakfast, packed up, and headed for the airport where Isaac met his study-abroad group and flew away. Keely and I made a small but interesting side trip on our way home. I'll post those photos another day.

This little trip was precious to me, because my kids are no longer children. Keely is 24 and Isaac is 21. I don't know if I'll ever get them both loaded into the car and hauled off for an adventure again. It brought back happy memories of the many times I packed them into the car and we headed out to Kansas and Missouri to visit the grandparents. I like to think those road trips gave them a bit of an itch to see new sights and visit new places.

Keely and Isaac

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