Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Barns near Fairview, KY

No old barns here...

Two new barns near Fairview KY
The barn on the right was built recently and is already filled with burley tobacco. You can see the tobacco leaves hanging down below the side walls. That barn should have very good air flow with all sides open at the bottom.

I'm not sure what the other barn will be, but I am guessing (only guessing!) that it might be a curing barn for dark tobacco. In dark barns, a smoky sawdust and hardwood-slab fire is kept burning on the barn's floor. As the smoke rises through the tobacco leaves, they are flavored and colored.

These barns are located near Fairview, Kentucky. I think they're still in Christian County, but just barely.

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Limey said...

I have had the pleasure of wandering (with permission) around a few old barns in that part of the world and I am always pleased to see that despite the march of technology they build them now with the same materials that their forefathers used. Only the equipment used to raise them is different.

Genevieve said...

I expect the forefathers would have been willing to try a crane to lift the roof trusses into place. :)

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