Monday, December 03, 2007

Arms Loaded With Wrapped Christmas Gifts

I think it's a myth.

Honestly, now -- have you ever really seen anyone walking down the street with their arms stacked high with wrapped Christmas gifts?

It's a nice image, but if it ever did happen, it doesn't happen anymore. Today's shoppers lug around plastic bags stuffed with gifts that need to be wrapped after they get home.

Some stores hand out free gift boxes, but those will still have to be wrapped by the customer.

I do remember when many of the stores wrapped gifts for their customers. They had big rolls of wrapping paper hung on the end of the counter, and they wrapped them on the spot, right after you bought them.

I'm not sure why, but it seemed that the stores usually had striped wrapping paper at Christmas.

One time, a lady clerk showed me how to make fancy, spiky bows, and I still make them sometimes when I want to make a package look really special.

I must admit that I'm glad clerks don't have the responsibility of wrapping the customers' Christmas gifts anymore. It would definitely require a lot of time and a lot more counter space than my workplace offers!


John Ruberry said...

People in Kentucky are much more polite than Chicago.

No--despite no evidence, such as signage, etc..."Is this a buy one get one free item?"

How 'bout groups of people coming in before closing, rested and well fed, knowing the employees aren't, coming in and going through a haggling routine?

Genevieve said...

Hi, John. I think you probably meant this comment for the Christmas Shoppers of All Sorts post. Really, I'm impressed that many of the people who come in the store are pretty nice. I do know what you mean about some folks haggling over prices, though. You seem to have had some experience with serving the public. :)

John Ruberry said...

You seem to have had some experience with serving the public.

Oh yes...

Mourningdove said...

I remember the best part of Christmas as a kid was going with my aunt on a bus to downtown...looking at all the stores that were totally decked out with garlands, music, and santas everywhere! (So unlike today) I noticed in a store yesterday that all the Christmas stuff was securely crammed into 2 aisles...(so as not to be seen in any other part of the store) Sometimes I'm glad all this gift buying is going away. But I miss the decorating and the beauty of Christmas everywhere.

Genevieve said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mourningdove. My husband grew up in a suburb of Kansas City. A few days ago, he was commenting that all the big downtown stores had a Santa on duty all the time, or at least that was his childhood perception. I think the mall is the only place in Hopkinsville that you can see Santa for a few hours each evening and weekend.

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