Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tornado Damage at Crofton KY, Tonight

Another night of severe weather in Christian County, KY

This report is for the people who are visiting the blog seeking information about the tornado in the Crofton, KY area, tonight.

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Around 7 p.m. tonight, a tornado cut through northern Christian County from Cerulean, across Dawson Springs Road and Old Palestine Road, and through Empire. The Pembroke area also suffered some wind damage.

No serious injuries or loss of life have been reported so far, so we've been more fortunate than many communities this stormy night.

The Kentucky New Era sent out a reporter after the storm and posted a story about the tornado that hit northern Christian County. According to the KNE story, damage includes power lines and transformers lying on the ground, roofs ripped off houses, barns and mobile homes destroyed, and trees blown over.

Our local news radio station, WHOP AM, was broadcasting full-time storm coverage as the front passed through the area. The broadcast included the audio portion of one of the Nashville television stations as their weather people watched the regional radar, took in storm reports, etc.

We are now under another severe thunderstorm watch. On our current radar map. Hopkinsville and Christian County lie directly in the path of a squall line. When this passes, the temperature is supposed to drop rapidly, and then, perhaps we'll have a quiet rest-of-the-night.

Below, I've posted the National Weather Service damage reports that appeared on Weather Underground.

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02/05/2008 0954 PM
Pembroke, Christian County.
Thunderstorm wind damage, reported by trained spotter.
Late report. Widespread power outages near Pembroke area. Deck off of home near Interstate 24 exit 86 along Good Hope Cemetery Road.

02/05/2008 0735 PM
3 miles SW of Crofton, Christian County.
Tornado, reported by trained spotter.
On Old Palestine Road... numerous houses damaged or destroyed and people are trapped in homes. Emergency personnel en route.

2/05/2008 0730 PM
3 miles E of Bainbridge, Christian County.
Thunderstorm wind damage, reported by law enforcement.
Several structures and numerous trees and power lines down on Old Palestine Road

02/05/2008 0730 PM
3 miles SW of Crofton, Christian County.
Thunderstorm wind damage, reported by law enforcement.


Mark said...

That same system came through northern Alabama, where I work, at around 3 or 4 this morning. The tornado sirens woke me up. There are reports of a lot of damage at some places, and at least one death in Alabama. Lots more in some other states. The system is now moving into NW Georgia, where I live, but I don't expect the same kind of damage. At least I hope there isn't.

RunAwayImagination said...

The storms missed our neighborhood 20 miles north of Nashville, but fatalities and massive property damage occurred just 25 miles away in Sumner County. A massive fire broke out at the Hartsville natural gas compression station, the glow from which could be seen for miles around.

We huddled in the basement until 2:30 a.m. when the last of the storms passed by. It made for a short night's sleep.

Genevieve said...

Mark, I hope the weather system brought some rain to your area.

Genevieve said...

Runaway, I'm glad that you came through the storms safe and sound. I thought about you and your wife last night as I drove home from work. Our local radio station was carrying some of the audio portion of a Nashville TV station's weather coverage. Some of the tornado touchdowns in the Nashville area were surely occurring as I listened. They were talking about areas of rotation in the storm as it passed over greater Nashville.

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