Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Things You Can Raise

13 Things Often Raised

"Raise" is an interesting word with many meanings.'s Unabridged gives it 33 different meanings as a verb, and several more as a noun! It's a versatile word that appears in many figures of speech and familiar expressions, such as "raising a racket." The word came to the English language from Old Norse, the language of the Vikings.

Here are 13 things we often speak of raising. I'm sure that you can think of many more.

  • 1. Children
  • 2. A garden
  • 3. Our eyebrows
  • 4. The flag
  • 5. The roof
  • 6. Cain
  • 7. Money
  • 8. Our voices
  • 9. Objections
  • 10. Expectations
  • 11. The anchor
  • 12. The ante
  • 13. A glass


Michael Leddy said...

Your hand. Your salary. A stink.

If you have access to the Oxford English Dictionary (not the compact version, the big one, in print or online through a library), try set.

KennethF said...

Hey G:

As Gomer.P usta' say: 14. "H E double toothpicks!" :) and I had a Jeep years ago... when I closed the door to go, a tiny piece of that "Wonderful Wagoneer" remained right their on the ground! I pass it along before it disappeared :) ~(:-_))-kfh

ps: TK's for de visit es comment!

ptg said...

Remember folks getting their 'consciousness' raised in the '60's? Some of that pop psychology really raised my hackles.

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