Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Dot Com

Kids say the darnedest things.

At work tonight, I struck up a conversation with a little girl who was waiting for her mama to finish shopping. She was about three years old. "I like that worm," I said, referring to her stuffed animal. She corrected me -- "He's a snake!" -- and showed me his red forked tongue.

"He's not a Webkinz," she informed me. "My sister has a Webkinz snake. She goes on the..." (Here, a short pause for word-finding.) "She goes on the Dot Com and plays a game with him."

She couldn't have been more correct. The Webkinz website is definitely a Dot Com. I'm glad Webkinz hadn't been invented yet when my kids were little.


Anonymous said...

My boys don't have Webkinz. And they probably won't, either.

But I was completely caught off guard the other day when we found that turtle and when I suggested we look up and see what turtles eat, Drew said "Ok, Mom! We can look it up on Wikipedia!"


Genevieve said...

Hi, Alissa. Yes, it's a new world. Most in your sons' generation will grow up with the internet in their homes.

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