Monday, June 16, 2008

A Good Wife in 1948

Faithful service rewarded with a watch

Quoted from a Hamilton Watch advertisement that appeared in the December 1948 National Geographic magazine:

To Peggy --

for marrying me in the first place...

bringing up our children -- while I mostly sat back and gave advice.

for the 2008 pairs of socks you've darned.

for finding my umbrella and my rubbers Heaven knows how often!

for tying innumerable dress ties.

for being the family chauffeur, years on end.

for never getting sore at my always getting sore at your bridge playing.

for planning a thousand meals a year -- and having them taken for granted.

for a constant tenderness I rarely notice but am sure I couldn't live without.

for wanting a good watch ever so long ... and letting your slow-moving husband think he'd hit on it all by himself.

for just being you...

Darling, here's your Hamilton with all my love!


In fairness to Jim, I must say that a Hamilton watch was a nice gift. Watches pictured in the ad include a platinum watch, set with 32 diamonds, that sold for $725. (It was similar in design to this Hamilton watch, set with 48 diamonds.)

However, this one was what Peggy really deserved for darning all those socks and putting up with years of insults about her bridge playing!

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