Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spivey, Kansas: Busy with Oil

Oilfield parts keep a little town on the map.

My sister-in-law Kathy sent a link to a Wichita Eagle article about Spivey, Kansas. Kathy is the office manager for one of the oilfield-supply companies mentioned in the article.

Spivey is located in the Spivey-Grabs oilfield of Harper and Kingman counties in south central Kansas. It's also centrally located within a wide area of oil and natural gas production that stretches across southern and western Kansas and northern Oklahoma. Because of its location, Spivey has become the headquarters for several companies that supply parts for all phases of oil and gas production -- drilling the wells, pumping the petroleum, and bringing it to market it via pipelines, storage tanks, etc.

The Spivey Field, located in Kingman and Harper Counties, South Central Kansas, was discovered in 1949. Development of oil and gas reserves from the Mississippian Chert Formation, at an average drilling depth of 4,250 feet, has been continual since discovery... Great lateral extent, thick pay sections, and long-lived production characterize the reservoir.

Source: a 1998 report by the 3TEC Energy Corporation

It's hard for me to say much about Spivey without repeating what the Wichita Eagle writer said. It's just a little, dirt-street town. The school, the truck stop, and the church are all closed. You can't even buy a newspaper or a loaf of bread in Spivey. Less than 100 people live there, but the oilfield-supply companies will be in Spivey for the duration.

Oil Drilling in the Land of the Free
Old-time photo of Spivey

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