Friday, June 11, 2010

Scenes of Early Summer

From Christian County, KY

Wheat harvest is beginning.
A day off for the workhorses.

Daylilies are blooming along the roadsides.

And a bit of news for the Croftonians-in-exile who read this blog --  Crofton (a small town in northern Christian County) had a flash flood yesterday about 2:00 AM. According to the National Weather Service, a law enforcement officer reported water as deep as car headlights at the junction of Highways 800 and 41 in Crofton. I heard thunder for several hours, but it never did rain at our house. All the rain must have fallen at Crofton!


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Your pictures are always so nice. I love the daylilies. Every time I see them I always think of summer. I grew up in Florida, so summer was almost every day of the year, but the daylilies only grew in the summer months and they were always so pretty. I can't see them without thinking of the Bible passage about "the lilies of the field" Matthew 6:28.

Genevieve said...

Thank you, Stitchy. I always enjoy the wild daylily season too. It's amazing that one day a flower is so crisp and vibrant, and the next day, wilted.

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