Thursday, March 24, 2011

Naughty or Nice? March Can't Decide!

Volatile spring weather

When I got off work yesterday and headed for home, a black cloud was hanging over Hopkinsville (KY). I turned on the radio and learned that we had a tornado watch and a severe thunderstorm warning. A storm front, capable of 70 mph winds, was passing through eastern Christian County.

The bright sunlight against the dark storm cloud was eerie. I held my camera out of the car window and clicked this photo of Skyline Drive. Its angle is strange, but it expresses the instability of the weather at that moment.

Later, I read on Hopkinsville's weather report that one-inch hail was reported east/southeast of Kelly (a few miles north/northeast of Hopkinsville.)

A lot of people were wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts earlier this week, but today they had on their sweatshirts and jackets again. The low tonight is supposed to be around 30 degrees.
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Update 3/26/11
Today at work, I talked to a fellow who is building a house on the Kelly-Dogwood Road. He said that he was in town when the cloud went through, but when he went out to the construction site later, he found full-size sheets of plywood in the treetops.


Rose said...

We were standing outside in our driveway when the hail hit Kelly . . . and the winds carried that extreme icy cold to us. The temps. seemingly dropped some 20 degrees almost instantly - before inching back up over the next several minutes.
Strange! We were lucky not to have had damage from this one.

Genevieve said...

Rose, that reminds me of my mother. She was always standing outside, watching the storm clouds. I do that too, and only take shelter when it's obvious that the storm is upon us! (Just saying that I do it, not saying that it's wise!)

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