Saturday, March 25, 2006

Analyzing My Blog

Blogs and Blogging... Some Interesting News... And What I Think About It

I read an article about blogging a few weeks now, and I'm going to write about it so I can remove it from my bookmarks : "Cutting Through the Blog Fog" by Dave Beal from the March 5, 2006, St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press.

Beal cites a interesting taxonomy of blog types that has been developed by Nora Paul of the University of Minnesota.

• Personal diarists: They share their thoughts, profound to mundane, with the world.

• Family networkers: This is a way to keep far-flung family members up to date on what's happening with the clan.

• Early responders: Eyewitnesses to news as it happens...

• Hunter-gatherers: They delve deeply into the nooks and crannies...

• Agenda blogs: These bloggers have a strong point of view and they editorialize on the news through their agenda-laden lens...

• PR/corporate communications blogs: Companies are adding them to their marketing toolkits to spread the word about their good or services.

• Newsroom blogs: a format for news columns that uses informal language, typically to provide brief insights and quick updates.

Quoted from "Cutting Through the Blog Fog"

Over the three months that I've been writing "Prairie Bluestem," my idea of its function has changed somewhat. I originally thought the blog would be a place where family and friends could keep in touch and have fun. A few family members and friends do read here regularly, but they don't say much. Many of my most faithful readers are other bloggers. Most of the traffic that passes through here is other bloggers or people who follow a link to this site from a search engine.

Two other functions of the blog have become apparent to me as I write here. First, I see the blog as a place to write down some personal and family stories that I want to record and keep for my children. Secondly, I realize that the blog is an unofficial ambassador for my adopted home of Hopkinsville and Christian County, Kentucky.

I think my blog has elements of the first three blog-types listed by Beal: Personal diarist, Family networker, and Early Responder. (I do report news, even though the news may be merely that I sighted a big flock of wild turkeys.)

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for reading.


Neurotic Mom said...

You have a great blog, keep up the good work

Unknown said...

Your blog is exceptional. Your photographic eye (I've looked at most of your photos.) is introspective. Your point of view is of interest to more people than you know. Someone might soon gather your efforts and make them a part of their historicial record, of this time and your place in it. Maybe you should limit your postings record depth (rather than index it) and submit a select sample to publishers. The key is your supurbly origional and personal writing style which is difficult only for you.. to see how consistant you are. In all due respect and sincerely, kfH

Genevieve said...

I appreciate the kind words, Mom, Kenneth, and others.

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