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Old Story About a Little Creek

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A creek in Christian County, KY

This little creek meanders through a valley just west of us. It passes by a neighbor's house and flows south to join other small waterways and eventually become part of Little River. Along the way, it intersects Butler Road. In the old days before the bridge was built, people crossed the creek at a ford there.

When it rains, these little Kentucky streams can rise rapidly, and one of the older ladies in the neighborhood told me a story from her childhood about this little creek getting high. I think this might have happened in the late 1930's, judging from the lady's age.

She and her mother went to town and while they were gone, it rained heavily. They hurried home, but the water was already too deep to drive through. The decision was made to park the car (I think it was a car) and walk the remaining few miles home. One could cross the stream on a big, long log that had been put in place nearby as a rough footbridge.

Our little girl clambered onto the log and ran to the other side, completely unafraid. "Come on, Mama", she called. Mama clutched her packages, climbed gingerly onto the log and took a tentative step. Seeing her mother's hesitation, the little girl encouraged her. "Walk like this, Mama!" she shouted, capering back and forth on the log.

The waters were roiling below the makeshift bridge. Mama spent a moment in prayer. Then she made her way across, one trembling step at a time, pausing often to stare down at the high waters. The impatient little girl ran out to her, ran back to shore, ran out on the log again. "Hurry up, Mama! Let's go!"

When Mama's feet were finally back on solid ground, the little girl received a scolding that she didn't really feel she deserved. But when our neighbor lady looks back now, she understands why Mama was so irritated. "I was running back and forth like a monkey, and poor Mama was scared to death, " she explains.

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