Thursday, March 30, 2006

Old House, New House

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

A local Mennonite family has recently built this new home. I really am not obsessed with Mennonite farm buildings, though I seem to be taking a lot of photos of them lately. It is simply that we share this community with many Mennonite neighbors, and so things related to them show up in my photos sometimes.

These houses, old and new, are located near the river on the Vaughn Grove-Little River Road in Christian County, Kentucky. It's been interesting to watch them build the new house over a period of about a year and now start to tear down the old house. Who would have ever guessed that the little white house had once been red?!

I feel a bit sad seeing the old house go because an old man whom I liked was born there. He has passed on and now his childhood home is passing on also.

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