Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Self Portrait

All in the Family... And What I Think About It...

I had about 5 inches of hair cut off yesterday. Any hair style that has occurred was built into the haircut because all I've done is shampoo, comb, and air-dry it. That being said, the haircut doesn't look too bad and for most days in my life, "not too bad" is good enough.

I talked to my daughter last night and she wanted a photo of the new hairdo. Isaac took a quick and unflattering photo and I e-mailed it to her. When I looked at it today, I thought I'd try to get a better photo by myself. So I combed my hair, went outside into the wind which promptly removed any evidence of combing, and took my own picture a few dozen times.

It's not too difficult to hold the camera at arm's length, look at the lens, and click. The difficult part is getting one's entire head into the photograph, avoiding angles that peer into the nostrils, keeping the flash off the eyeglasses, presenting the most favorable profile, and finally, smiling while accomplishing all of this. When I downloaded the pictures onto my computer, I laughed at them. Too funny, some of those looks and poses! I need to make sure I got all the bad ones deleted. I could be blackmailed!

The above photo is the best of the lot although I did cut off one side of my hair. I look sort of determined, yet contemplative (and mature, haha.) I guess I'll use it for my Blogger profile for a while, since the one that has been there (a photo taken at the office for a newspaper ad) is probably 5 years old. Best to be honest about oneself.

Another self-portrait appears at left. When you look at these, imagine me with my arm stretched out taking the photo. I could have sworn I was smiling in every shot, but apparently this was the most pleasant look I could manage.

I really don't like having my picture taken, even when I do it myself!

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Unknown said...

Hey Genevieve,
Thanks for the email & little visit! Your new "Self Portrait" post & pix is great. I'm the same way with my self portrait and maybe why I used the mirror trick, twice. I take way to many flower photos without looking through the view finder. That hydrangea tree included with my portrait had some interesting hornets feeding on other to busy bugs. I've made some personal referals to your site that might be showing on your counter? Later,~(:-_))-kfh

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IT IS STILL BEST to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasure; and to be cheerful and have courage when things go wrong.
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