Saturday, November 25, 2006

Blogger Beta Bug

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NOTE: If you are looking for the Fannie Farmer Cornbread recipe, please visit this link:

ConfusedI had a note at the top of my blog for a week or so, asking visitors who came here from a search engine to use the Blogger search if the page wasn't what the search results showed.

Today I removed the note because the errors don't seem to be occurring now. Here is an example of what was happening:

-- The search query:
Fannie Farmer cornbread recipe

-- The Google search results
Prairie Bluestem: Cornbread for Supper - Nov. 19
In about 1972, I bought a Fannie Farmer Cookbook, and ever since, I've used its recipe for cornbread. Here the Fannie Farmer recipe, doubled as I usually ... - 96k -

Notice that the link was to a page that has nothing to do with cornbread for supper. The blog post that should have come up was

The above example happened dozens of times over the last few days. Apparently the Thanksgiving holiday made people think about Fannie Farmer's cornbread recipe.

I still don't know if it was a Google error or a Blogger Beta error. I complained and received a form letter from the Blogger Beta help desk saying that even if I didn't hear back from them, they would be working on the bug. Apparently they fixed it. I'm glad.

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