Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Last Leaf

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The Last LeafLast leaf on the mulberry tree

When I think of "The Last Leaf", I think of O. Henry's story about the sick girl who clung to life only because she could still see the last ivy leaf.

When I was searching for that story so I could link to it, I found a poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes titled "The Last Leaf" about an old man who has lived beyond his time.

I also found a post in a blog by a lady from the Netherlands, an e-book by James Kendall Hosmer about American and European history, a poem by Joanna Baillie , and many photos -- all titled "The Last Leaf".

It's an interesting thought and image -- see for yourself the many interesting links related to that theme.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot remember if it was a british/american film /tv play but I saw a dramatisation of it on t.v many years ago and it made an impression on me even then. I particularly remember the sacrifice of the artist who befriended the girl. And how very poignant the whole thing was.

Genevieve said...

I saw that movie listed in the links. It was apparently filmed in 1983 (rated 8.8/10 by on the IMDb site) and refilmed in 2004 (not rated.)

Sarabeth said...

nice post, Genevieve.

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