Friday, January 12, 2007

A Road Not Taken

And What I Think About It...

I was wondering today what I would be like if my life had turned out as I expected it to when I was a child.

I expected to have a life much like my mother's. I would marry a rancher who would be much like my dad, and I would do all the things that ranchwives do.

I would ride the pastures, work in the hayfield, run to town for parts, doctor sick calves, and back up the horse trailer.

I would keep the books, mend the knees in my husband's jeans, and bake cookies. I would fix big dinners for branding crews and hay gangs. I would make jelly from wild fruit.

If I had married one of those Nebraska cowboys whom I dated years ago, how much different would I be now?

  • Would I be interested in current events?
  • Would I have come to the Lutheran church?
  • Would I always be going on a diet?
  • Would I enjoy photography?
  • Would I enjoy writing?
  • Would I have more wrinkles?
  • Would I own a pair of boots?

The answers are yes, I hope so, probably not as often, yes, yes, probably, and definitely.

I don't think my personality and interests would be much different. I would have worked a lot harder though. I have no doubt of that.


Anonymous said...

I love your new web page. I hope to be able to stop in at the store to visit sometime.

Genevieve said...

Thanks for your note, Angela. I think I like the new background too, or at least I'm feeling more comfortable with it. I am not sure which store you are referring to, but I do hope you get to visit it.

Runawayimagination said...

I've often wondered what life for my dad would have been like had he remained in his hometown of Gordon, NE - which is not far from where you grew up. Of course if my dad hadn't relocated to Washington DC, he never would have met and married my mom, and I wouldn't be sitting here in Nashville typing this.

Although it's hard to imagine roads not taken, in my own life I've taken many of those less-traveled roads. Like Robert Frost, I believe adventure lies down those seldom-traveled paths. As I trace my own history, the most important turning points were those times when I stepped off the familiar, comfortable path and charted my own course.

Genevieve said...

I've had a good and interesting life, and I don't regret taking the paths that brought me to this place. I love my husband and family, and I think I am where I'm supposed to be. :)

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