Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Domains, Titles, and Ads are Strangely Related

Blogs and Blogging...

I've been working off and on all day trying to put in a 3-column template for my tree blog. It is finally looking better, but something goes wrong with the line spacing when I use the quotes button. Everything below the quoted material is closer spaced than it is supposed to be. I have no clue why it's doing that!

While I was searching for a template to use, I read that when you change the template, you can save your widgets. You check the box on the HTML template page that says, "Expand widgets," then save the template with the widgets expanded. When you get your new template in place, you just cut and paste the widgets back in.

That sounds simple, doesn't it? After I figured out where to paste them, it went all right, but with the few widgets that I had at that point, it would have been just as easy to simply redo them. However, I'm going to think of the whole exercise as a learning experience.

I've learned one other thing which I'll mention for anyone who is thinking of running ads. When I decided to make a tree blog, I decided to buy a domain name and publish under it. However, it seemed that every tree domain name that I could think of was already taken.

Finally, I came up with "" and paid a few dollars for it. I figured I would name my blog, "A Woody Path". But when I set up the blog with that name at that address, all the darned Google ads were about Woody Woodpecker, Woody Allen, Woody Guthrie, etc. The ad server seemed to completely ignore several posts about trees on the page.

This remained true even when I changed the title to various tree names, so I assume it was getting its Woody ideas from the "" So I finally changed both name and address and it's now "Tree Notes" at and now, most of the ads are tree ads. Again, I was limited by availability (which is exactly how I ended up with "A Woody Path" in the first place!)

So be warned that the blog title and words in the URL can slant the Google ads, and choose carefully before you buy! And by the way, I have a spare domain name that I'll sell cheap!

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