Monday, February 05, 2007

Spring Is Just Around the Corner

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Spring is near.

Spring is near!

Daffodils were beginning to bloom in Christian County before the recent cold spell began. Several even bloomed in the flower bed near our house. Many of the early daffodils have sent up their foliage and started their flower buds but are holding the blooms until the weather warms up again.

Fortunately for daffodils, they have some natural anti-freeze. Temperatures in the 20's usually don't hurt them, but I'm not sure how they will react to the temperatures we've had recently. For example, our temperature this morning was +5°F.

The green sprigs in this photo are mostly the little Star of Bethlehem flower which grows like a weed all over our small acreage. The foliage will have yellow tips now that it has been frozen hard. It happens every year.

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