Monday, February 26, 2007

The Need for More Storage Space

And What I Think About It...

Some things don't change much.

I read a few of the little stories and comments on life in my farm women's book tonight (This Way of Life, edited by Maude Longwell and published in 1971.)

As I've mentioned before, this book is a compilation of 25 years of letters to the editor from farm women. The letters were written from 1944-1971. I had to smile about a note that was titled, "Husband heard from."

Mr. George S. Whipple wrote that women were always "asking, cajoling, pleading and yelling" for more storage space, but they just need to clean out the storage space they already have. He suggests that women should throw some stuff away, "which no female seems to be able to do."

He goes on to say that women should also clean out the freezer from time to time, because that would solve the lack-of-space problem there, too.

Mr. Whipple is giving the same advice I've read in dozens of home-organization articles: get rid of the junk. He was a man before his time! But he'd never make it as a professional organizer with his snotty remarks about how women can't throw anything away. Don't we all know that can be a problem for either sex? Smile


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