Monday, February 12, 2007

Construction in Hopkinsville

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

New Rite-Aid in Hopkinsville Here's a bit of news for my readers who are former Hoptowners.
The new Rite-Aid is finally open for business. It is located at the Country Club Lane and Fort Campbell Boulevard intersection.

They knocked down and hauled away a large building (Winn Dixie) to build this. The new building doesn't use the entire lot, so I guess the north end of the lot is probably available for development.

I visited Rite-Aid the day I took this photo, but I didn't see anything very unique there. We've had our prescriptions filled at Walgreens for years and we probably won't switch. The one thing that might bring me back to the store is the counter where they accept utility bill payments.

Parkway construction in Hopkinsville, KYThe most visible construction in Hopkinsville is the Pennyrile Parkway extension. I wish they were finished with that mess, but it will take at least another year! It should decrease the traffic congestion on Fort Campbell Boulevard between the mall and Lowes. The big trucks and other through-traffic will bypass that area. Perhaps it will prevent a few accidents.

I'm trying to see this road as good progress, but I have mixed feelings as I watch it being built. Thousands and thousands of tons of rock have been heaped to form the roadbed that passes through the Little River area on the south side of town. It has definitely changed the land forever. Some have speculated that stormwaters blocked behind this dam-like roadbed will flood new areas in southern Hopkinsville prone to flooding. Time will tell.


A year ago today, I was excited that I had seen a pileated woodpecker. I had never seen one before and I haven't seen one since!

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