Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cooking Like Crazy

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Another lady and I are providing the food for a soup supper at church this evening, so I'll be busy in the kitchen today.

I've already made the soup and a huge platter of chocolate chip cookies, but I still have to bake the bread and make a batch of brownies and possibly a batch of cornbread.

Isaac is still a little under the weather so he's not going tonight, but Dennis is going to help me haul all this food.

I probably won't post anything to the blog today, so I wanted to suggest a few articles from the archives you might enjoy. I wrote these a year ago, more or less.

  • Rescue of Kitty: How I rescued my Bolivian kitten from a neighbor's rooftop despite my limited Spanish
  • Kids and Kittens: How I nearly knocked myself out while visiting a nest of kittens, and other kitten stories
  • A Bit About Windmills: Why windmills are unusual in Kentucky but common in Nebraska (and more).
  • Alice and Jerry Readers: A fond look back at some old textbooks that have been out of print for many years.


Brenda said...

Thanks for dropping by to visit my blog the other day! Hope you're having a great week!

Genevieve said...

Thank you for visiting here, Brenda. :) My week has progressed to a somewhat quieter spell, I'm glad to say. I don't have to cook at all today since there are leftovers.

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