Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some 1947 Advertisers

Another Trip Down Memory Lane... History and Old Stuff...

In the March, 1947, issue of the National Geographic magazine, some ads were printed in color and some were printed in black and white. Some advertisers are listed below with slogans that were emphasized in their ads.

  • The Magnavox Company: "The Magnificent Magnavox radio-phonograph ...for new horizons in musical enjoyment"
  • Allen B. Du Mont Laboratories: "In television, tuning is the test and only Du Mont offers you the Inputuner®."
  • Matson Shiplines: "Matson Knows The Pacific"
  • Dictaphone Electronic Dictation: "Are you handcuffed to your secretary?"
  • Pan American World Airways: "The System of the Flying Clippers"
  • Pullman (sleeping compartment train cars): "Go Pullman, the Safest, most Comfortable way of going places fast."
  • Canadian National Railways: "The Railway to Everywhere in Canada"
  • Lockheed Aircraft Corporation: "The Leader to Mexico. The Leader at Home. Lockheed Corporation."
  • Association of American Railroads: "Today's magic carpet travels on a railroad track."
  • Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation: "Why some things get better all the time"
  • Southern Railway System: "Look Ahead - Look South!"
  • General Motors Electro-Motive Division: "Better trains follow better locomotives!"
  • The Texas Company: "Texaco Dealers In All 48 States"
  • General Electric (electric blanket): "Undisturbed slumber -- all night, every night-- thanks to G-E Automatic Sleeping Comfort"
  • Kodak: "Double Reward from Kodachrome in your miniature camera: Projection and Prints"
  • Greyhound Buslines: "Remember... By Highway means By Greyhound"
  • Victor Animatograph Corporation: "Makers of Movie Equipment Since 1910"
  • Howard Radio Company: "Chairside Charm," "America's Oldest Radio Manufacturer"
  • Bell Telephone System: "How much does the telephone company earn? How would you answer this question?" (And in smaller print, the answer: "The actual figure is far less than many people think. Even with telephone calls at a record peak, Bell System earnings on the money invested in the business have averaged only a shade over 5-1/2% for the last five years -- including the war years. And that's not enough to insure good telephone service." Apparently there had been a rate increase.)

And from the back cover of the magazine...

  • W. A. Scheaffer Pen Co. (advertising a ballpointed instrument that was "neither pen nor pencil"): "Sheaffer's Stratowriter rolls your writing on dry."

In 1947, my parents had been married for two years. My brother was a year old. I would not be born for another four years.


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