Thursday, March 22, 2007

Enjoy Your Coffee

Some Interesting News... And What I Think About It...

Scientific American reported a few days ago that a cup of coffee contains soluble dietary fiber -- the same sort of cholesterol-lowering fiber that is found in oatmeal.

The article* states that 16 ounces of coffee can contain as much fiber as an apple (though of course, it doesn't have the vitamins that an apple does.) It also states that freeze-dried coffee has the most fiber.

Other studies have found that coffee contains many antioxidents and caffeinated coffee may reduce the chance of developing Alzheimers, type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease. You don't have to feel guilty about enjoying a cup of real coffee, despite what some militant coffee tee-totalers or hard-core decaf drinkers may try to tell you.

Do I sound strangely passionate on this topic? I suppose it's from being around the old folks at church for many years. They want decaf if they drink coffee at all, and a couple of them are rather opinionated about their preferences.


* " Need Fiber? Have Some Coffee" by Coco Ballantyne. Published by Scientific American on March 13, 2007.

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