Friday, August 03, 2007

Flash Drive Solves Some Dial-up Problems

Uploads and downloads at the library

Kathy (my sister-in-law) sent me some wildflower photos over a month ago. I've been wanting to post them and photos of my own as well, in the way I usually do on this blog!

However, my "good" computer has been having problems. I've been using an older and slower computer, and I couldn't get photos to upload from it. The connection with Blogger timed out and gave me a 404 before the photo completely uploaded. (We have dial-up internet, here in rural Kentucky.)

I thought about taking some photos on a CD to the public library to upload, but I couldn't get the CD burner to work on this little computer. And when I made a diskette of photos, the library's computer wanted to format it, not read it.

So yesterday, I bought a little flash drive that plugs into a USB port. It holds 1 GB of data, and it cost about $20. It was very easy to copy my photos to it. I took the flash drive to a library computer, plugged it in, and uploaded ten photos to the blog in about a minute.

At the library today, I realized that I could take my flash drive there for downloading also. For example, I could download the 47MB upgrade to iTunes that Isaac wants, bring it home, and install it. Over a dial-up connection, that download would take at least several hours!

I'm frustrated about my "good" computer and its problems, but I guess there's a silver lining to this cloud. Thank goodness, I do have this little Linux computer. And now, I suddenly see that a flash drive will be a big help to me in both uploading and downloading until a faster internet connection becomes available. I wonder why I've never thought of that before?!

In the interest of better blogging, I removed the above paragraphs from another post, and gave them their own heading.

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Tudorw said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos again. I have always liked the vignettes of rural life that you portrayed in your photos.


Genevieve said...

Thanks for stopping by, John. I am afraid that any photos I publish are going to be sad vignettes of rural life because it has been extremely dry here. The tobacco and soybeans are taking the heat and drought better than the corn did, but it hasn't been a good year for farmers here.

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