Thursday, August 02, 2007

More Wildflowers from Kingman County, KS

Wild flowers of southwest Kansas

My sister-in-law, Kathy, sent me some more wildflower photos from Kingman County, Kansas (southwest of Wichita.) Thanks, Kathy, for sharing these!

It has been an unusually wet year in the part of Kansas where Dwight and Kathy live, and the wildflowers have bloomed in such profusion that's it's hard to imagine.

I hope you'll take time to click on the photos and look at the larger versions. They should load fairly quickly as most are under 150K in size. These little preview images don't really show how the flowers cover the landscape.

Wildflowers, Kingman County, KSCatclaw sensitive briarWildflowers, Kingman County, KSSwamp milkweed

Wildflowers, Kingman County, KS SunflowersWildflowers, Kingman County, KSSunflowers

Wildflowers, Kingman County, KSLeadplant (I think)
and sunflowers
Wildflowers, Kingman County, KSIndian blanket flowers
and sunflowers

Wildflowers, Kingman County, KSSunflowers, Indian blanket flower,
and western yarrow (I think!)
Wildflowers, Kingman County, KSSunflowers, yarrow,leadplant,
and a mixture of native grasses

Landscape, Kingman County, KSHank chases a deer
who has invaded his territory
Flower bed at a Kingman County, KS, ranchMy sister-in-law Kathy's
flower bed

If you enjoyed these photos, you'll enjoy the Kansas wildflower photos I posted a couple of months ago, also from Kathy, my sister-in-law.

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