Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow Day Tomorrow?

The children are nestled
All snug in their beds,
While dreams of a snow day
Dance in their heads.

It's snowing tonight in Christian County. Big wet flakes started falling about 7:00 p.m.Some of the "flakes" have been slushy rain. The grass is mostly covered with white, but on the sidewalks, the snow has been melting as it falls.

If the temperature drops just a couple degrees, and if the snow continues to fall, the roads may be a little slick tomorrow morning. Maybe school will be set back an hour or two, or perhaps it will even be cancelled.

If you could hover above Christian County tonight and tune into the thoughts of Christian County's children, you'd hear a chant of little mind-voices: "Please, let school be cancelled tomorrow. Please, let school be cancelled tomorrow."

That decision will be made about 5 a.m. by a team of school administrators. They drive out into the county and check some of the less-traveled backroads that are likely to have an accumulation of snow or ice. Then, if school is to be cancelled, a bulletin goes out to the radio and TV stations before 6 a.m.

It would have to snow a lot before Isaac's classes at the Community College were cancelled. And the roads would have to be truly impassable before I'd be able to skip work.

Dennis, however, has signed up to be a school cafeteria substitute worker. Currently, he's doing a two-week stint in one of the elementary schools. He's the only one at our house who has a chance of getting a surprise day of vacation tomorrow, due to the weather.

Often, the residents of Hopkinsville wonder why school was cancelled because the streets in town are clear. However, I can vouch that the rural backroads are often slick and treacherous, even though main roads and town streets are fine. It gets colder out here in the country, and we don't have much traffic, so snow and ice are more likely to stick.


Mark said...

My wife told me we had a little accumulation around our house. A nearby town got about two inches, I think. That's quite a bit for northwest Georgia. Over here in NE Alabama, where I work, it snowed but there was no accumulation. We always seem to be right at the edge, where the temperature is just a little too high or the precipitation is just a little bit too far away.

sjmercure said...

My boy was disappointed that there was no school cancellations today too. Poor baby. Thanks for the kind words on my blog!

RunAwayImagination said...

We live 20 miles north of Nashville and awakened this morning to a light dusting of snow that melted off before we left at 8:30 a.m. It looked like someone had sprinkled powdered sugar over the woods behind us and the grass in our front yard.

John Ruberry said...

Just flurries today in the Chicago area. Very cold flurries.

Mark said...

And today (Friday) the forecast is for some snow accumulation over the weekend ... but south of us.

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