Thursday, February 28, 2008

Occasionally It Snows in Christian County

Snow yesterday, gone today

Snowy day in Christian County, KY

Tuesday afternoon was cold and very windy. Sleet began to fall as darkness approached. Soon the temperature dropped enough that the precipitation began sticking to the roadways.

When Isaac arrived home from work at 10:00 p.m., he had seen a car in the ditch and had wondered at one corner if he might end up there, too. He had turned the steering wheel, but the car kept going straight -- straight across the road, straight toward the ditch. Then, the tires grabbed, and he was suddenly headed in the direction he had wanted to go.

School was cancelled yesterday (Wednesday) in Christian County, and also in three adjoining counties: Todd and Muhlenberg in Kentucky and Montgomery in Tennessee. Also, classes were cancelled at the Community College. Dennis, who went to work at 5 a.m., verified that the roads were treacherous at that hour.

I took the photo above as I drove to work about 9:30 yesterday morning. The slick coating on the roads had mostly melted, but snow continued to fall through early afternoon. By nightfall, there was little evidence that snow had ever fallen; nearly all of it had melted away.

After I arrived at work, I found out that approximately half of my co-workers weren't going to be there. Supposedly the roads were still too bad for them to make it. I think the real problem might have been that they didn't have babysitters for their children who were home from school for the day.


Tanya said...

Beautiful! We didn't get any of that here, although my mom says she heard there was snow all over Atlanta. I've about an hour east of there and didn't hear a thing about it. It was VERY cold here though!

Anonymous said...

I am nearly always one of the ones that's at work when everyone else calls in for bad weather. Funny thing is, I live further out than many of them :-) AND I drive my children to the babysitter further out in the county than some of them ever venture before I head into town for work!

Genevieve said...

Hi, Tanya. Thanks for visiting. Truly, I don't mind snow, but I like it a little better when I'm watching it from the living room window. :)

Genevieve said...

Alissa, when the snowdrifts are too deep for me to get through with my car, I will call and tell them I can't make it. I haven't seen any snow that deep yet this winter.

heelers said...

Hey Gen.
I remember once driving on ice and turning the steering wheel just like your son did.
The car went straight for the ditch and then turned as you described.
I arrived home in one piece, convinced that the steering on my car was faulty.
The family laughed themselves silly about my misunderstanding of the situation!

Genevieve said...

Your guardian angel works overtime, James. :)

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