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Tornado Damage Reports, Crofton, KY, Area, 2-5-08

Tornado and thunderstorm damage, Trigg and Christian Counties, KY\

WKDZ radio station in Cadiz has posted several dozen photographs of damage in Trigg and Christian Counties that occurred during the tornadoes and thunderstorms on February 5, 2008. The areas where damage was photographed include:

Dawson Springs
Dawson Springs Road
Palestine Road
Highway 800
Pools Mill Road, Crofton
Bainbridge Road
South Road, Cadiz
Highway 139 North
Tanyard Road, Cadiz
S. Tanyard Road, Cadiz

Another WKDZ storm damage report states that one injury was reported from the storm in Christian County.

In Muhlenberg County, just northeast of Christian County, three people were killed and 20,000 people still had no electricity as of the following afternoon, according to a WKDZ report on tornado and storm damage in Muhlenberg County.

The Kentucky New Era reports that more than 20 homes were damaged or destroyed in northern Christian County. The article includes a slide show of some of the property damage -- in some cases, terrible losses. UPDATE: By February 7, 2008, the second morning after the tornado, the estimated number of damaged or destroyed homes was changed to over 40 homes.

Some local comments on the night's weather were posted on the Hoptown Hall Forum.

I was in Crofton today, and I can report that everything appeared intact in the downtown area. I also didn't note any damage to the homes and businesses along Highway 41 south of the 41/800 intersection within Crofton. However, along Highway 41 between Crofton and Hopkinsville, we saw damage to a barn roof and some uprooted and broken trees.


On Feb. 7, 2008, the Kentucky New Era reported that a National Weather Service investigator had visited the storm-damaged area in northern Christian County. The storm was declared an F-2 tornado with winds in excess of 130 mph.

In addition, the National Weather Service released a statement regarding two F-1 tornadoes in Trigg County. One hit a few miles south of Canton in the Barkeley Shores community. It went about a tenth of a mile with a width of 25 to 50 feet maximum, and its winds were up to 87 mph. Most of the damage was uprooted and broken trees.

The second tornado touchdown occurred from 2.5 miles north of Maple Grove to 1.8 miles southeast of Cadiz. The tornado traveled on the ground for 5.1 miles and its maximum width was 150 yards wide. A barn was shifted on its foundation, several houses suffered roof damage, and trees were uprooted and broken.

Some photographs of the tornado damage in Muhlenberg County and other vicinities have been posted by the National Weather Service (Paducah, KY.) The tornado that hit near Greenville and Central City was an F-3 that ran for 10 miles with an average width of 325 yards. Three people lost their lives and there was extensive property damage.

A radar animation on the National Weather Service (Paducah, KY) website shows severe weather hitting Christian County simultaneously with the tornado that hit Jackson, Tennessee, and destroyed Union University.

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Mama Lamba said...

We used to live in the Muhlenberg and Christian Co. areas. We're in Kansas City now, but still have friends back in KY. Thank you for posting this info!

Genevieve said...

You are very welcome, Mama L. Crofton's not a very big place, but it's important to those who have roots there. :) The blog statistics for today show that about a hundred different visitors from all over the U.S. came here today, seeking information about the tornado in the Crofton area.

Collagemama said...

Gen--Glad to know you are o.k. Even here we had the feeling that Tuesday was a "weather breeder". Maybe it's my long life in Nebraska, but certain conditions raise my tornado senses and the hair on the back of my neck like some Spiderman secret warning systeM.

Genevieve said...

Collagemama, your Nebraska roots are showing even in your choice of words. "Weather breeder" -- that's a descriptive term my mother, a dedicated weather watcher, often used.

The air felt unnatural all day, to me. The severe weather that night wasn't surprising, but the extent of it, across several states, was shocking.

I was at work when the first wave of storms hit. The managers were listening to the weather radio. They had us shut down some of the extra cash registers in case the power went out, but otherwise, it was business as usual (with very few customers.) One of my co-workers received a call from her husband who works at a factory east of Hopkinsville. They had all been sent to their storm shelter -- but not us.

Mama Lamba said...

Hey--Thanks for the link to photos of Muhlenberg Co. Some of those spots I used to pass nearly every day. My heart goes out to all the folks affected by the storms. We had a tornado hit in 2002, up in McLean Co, where we lived then. It was amazing how the communities pull together.

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