Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby Pageant

Small town entertainment

The West Kentucky State Fair is in progress at the Hopkinsville fairgrounds, and one of the attractions is a series of beauty contests. It includes several pageants for babies and little children.

All week, at the store where I work, moms and their little children have been shopping for pageant clothes.

Some of the moms brought along friends, grandmothers, and aunts as consultants. In a few cases, the group was becoming very frustrated. They had visited many stores, and they still didn't have a suitable set of clothes.

One mom who came in tonight was cool and calm. She already had some shorts for her little boy. She bought them several months ago. She was just looking for a cute little shirt. Long pants and neckties never win, she told me.

This is her son's third pageant. He's three years old. He hasn't won yet, but his mom enjoys seeing him in the competition. "Sometimes you wonder, 'Why didn't my kid win?'" she explained. "But let's be honest -- they're all cute babies."

Her words suggest a good interpretation of the baby pageant. At our fair, we have this year's best tomatoes and biggest zucchinis. We have the prettiest cakes and quilts and rabbits and chickens. And we also have an exhibition of cute babies. I hope all the moms can calm down, let go of the competition, and just enjoy the show.


Beth said...

Oh, I remember how fun it was go to the WKY fair when I was young--my dad won the baby contest one year, probably in 1936 or so. My mother has the picture hanging in their bedroom--I think my father would rather that she didn't. Enjoy the fair

Genevieve said...

I don't think they were having the annual Hopkinsville fair (which has had various names over the years) during the 1930s. However, there were other festivals, etc. where they had baby contests. Congratulations to your dad for winning top honors at one of them! ;)

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