Monday, September 18, 2006

First Cool Night of Autumn

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Isaac and I did our usual Monday night chore a little while ago. We loaded the trash bin (the "Herbie Curbie", in local lingo) into the pickup truck and hauled it down the hill to our mailbox. There, we parked it at the edge of the highway to wait for its early morning rendezvous with the trash truck.

It's dark at the mailbox at night -- surprisingly dark. The nearest yard lights are only a quarter mile away, but trees and hills block most of the light. Many Monday nights after we're done with the trash bin, we enjoy the stars for a minute or marvel at how brightly the moon is shining.

Tonight, the sky is overcast so we didn't look at the stars, but we spent a moment listening to the sounds of night. In the darkness, something made a small sploosh in the ditch water. Crickets and frogs were singing, and far away, we heard a train whistle.

Driving back up the hill to our house, we talked about the cool air. "It would be a perfect night," Isaac said, "to sleep in a tent." I knew what he meant. Tonight, it would be deliciously cozy to snuggle down in a sleeping bag and drift off to sleep while the frogs sang and the crickets chirped.

Life is good. Children grow up too quickly.

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